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Hipshots - America's leading unread blog site

Hipshots dates back to the 1980s when I was living on Guam. I wrote a weekly column for the Guam Tribune titled Hipshots with my picture circled by bullet holes. My articles were quite conservative and raised the hackles of island Democrats and other liberals. One of the Democrat senators in the Guam Legislature referred to my articles as "Cheap Shots." My writing stint lasted for a year or two until the Guam Tribune went out of business.

The Pacific Daily News (PDN) was the leading newspaper on Guam and the Guam Tribune just couldn't compete and their declining readership eventually spelled its end. PDN ran some of my letters to the editor and an occasional article or two. During my time as a senator in the Guam Legislature, Director of Corrections and the acting chief of police the PDN was right there to report on my every move, especially when I stumbled.

I'm not the sharpest tool in the drawer when it comes to computers and the ever changing electronics world. My son setup the blog for me and I have been writing various articles which haven't drawn very many comments. I guess the blog world is now so large that unless you're a well known personality, disgraced politician, sports figure, actor, etc., you're like a speck in the universe.

I wrote several articles for the San Antonio Lightning News, a computerized newspaper, operated by RG Griffing. Griffing is sort of a recluse and I never met him in person and my only contact was by phone or email. He was a candidate in the last San Antonio mayoral race and came in last. He has had a running feud with the Express-News since retrieving the old Lightning News as a computer version several years ago. His other claim to fame was being shot with a .357 revolver while wearing a bullet proof vest.

Now that I have given a thumbnail view of my writing prowess I'll get back to blog writing or whatever they call it these days. Unfortunately, Face book and Twitter are meaningless to me even though it's the biggest thing since color TV. Even Sarah Palin uses Twitter.

Actually, the blog that my son setup was: click on it and the Hipshots articles come up.

Newspapers Fall on Hard Times - Many leading newspapers are seeing their readership drop off sharply and that has been the case with the San Antonio Express-News. A very liberal, socialist, leaning newspaper to begin with the E-N was quick to throw white, conservative writers under the bus to cut costs. Roddy Stinson, a long time columnist was among the first to go. Blacks and Hispanic columnists were kept on and some of the more liberal ones are still churning out their usual bash conservatives garbage.

Kathy Clay-Little, a black writer, frequently trashes conservative talk radio hosts. In one article Clay-Little lashed out at Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck as exhibiting a malicious mean streak. She was taken to task for her anti-conservative remarks by a reader and she didn't like it. "Conservative talk radio built its success on playing to the angry and the antis, including an unhealthy dose of anti-minority sentiment. The formula hasn't changed in over 20 years," writes Clay-Little in a recent article.

She said that liberal talk radio never found the success of conservative talk radio because liberals lack the ability to get angry and stay angry. Liberal talk radio fails because the American people aren't fooled by its socialist/Marxist agenda. Like most liberals Clay-Little can dish it out but can't take it.

Leonard Pitts is another liberal, black writer who never misses a chance to bash conservatives. In a recent article Pitts was upset with the American Spectator for saying they had to raise rates because of a shortfall created by the perverse incentives of the liberal agenda.

What upset Pitts most wasn't the perverse incentives of the liberal agenda but the word liberal. "Conservative pols and pundits have done an astonishing job of rendering that word a synonym for a kind of birth defect that leaves one effete and nonsensical, even as that made "conservative" interchangeable with the healthy patriotism of the common folk. "It's telling that even liberals don't use the word liberal any more," Pitts said. What Pitts doesn't get is that it isn't conservative pols and pundits that hurts liberals it's their message of socialism.

When it comes to liberal, black writers who attack conservatives like a mad dog it's Eugene Robinson. The mere mention of Republicans or conservatives sends him into a writing frenzy. In one of his more violent outbursts Robinson wrote that trust might as well be a four letter word. "American public opinion seems to have become a Weapon of Mass Suspicion - but those who would exploit distrust, dissatisfaction and anger for political gain had better worry about collateral damage," he writes.

Robinson goes on in his tirade, "The over hyped tea party phenomenon is more about symbolism and screaming than anything else. A "movement" that encompasses gun nuts, tax protesters, devotees of the gold standard, Sarah Palin, insurance company lobbyists, "constitutionalists" who have not read the Constitution, Medicare recipients who oppose government run health care, crazy "birthers" who claim Obama was born in another country, a contingent of outright racists and a bunch of fat-cat professional politicians pretending to be "outsiders" is not a coherent intellectual or political force."

Well, there you have it in his own words and racist views. Pretty well sums up what political party Robinson favors. Of course the editors of the E-N can't wait to publish his articles.

Ruben Navarrette, a liberal, Hispanic writer for the E-N, sticks it to conservatives on a regular basis. In a recent rant Navarrette lambasted Sen. McCain for giving Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano a hard time when she appeared before a Senate committee.

Napolitano had publicly opposed the new Arizona illegal immigration law. When asked by McCain if she had read the law she said she hadn't. Navarrette tried to put words in her mouth in his article defending her. Sorry, it didn't work. Napolitano is clearly over her head and should never had been appointed in the first place. She should have been fired for calling military veterans "Right Wing Extremists" and referring to terrorist attacks as "Man-made Disasters."

Liberal E-N writer, Garrison Keillor, an old, gringo like me, manages to get his socialist messages across in his articles. Using the oil spill mess he attacks conservatives who have championed increased oil drilling. He calls it Drill baby and says it points to more disasters.

He likened the NRA to the AFL-CIO, NEA, AARP and bank robbers. Can't resist the opportunity to take a swipe at the champion of gun rights. According to Keillor man is pushing the planet to extinction. We're all doomed and Keillor says and we might just as well sit in our backyards eating ice cream as the Gulf turns dark and the polar icecap melts. Yeah, and what about those poor Polar Bears Garrison? What a jerk and the editors of the E-N love the guy.

Don't mention Tea-partiers around liberal, writer Froma Harrop or you'll have her Fromaing at the mouth. She calls the tea party a crowd of self-contradiction, self-delusion and self-serving positions. Her victim for ridicule in a recent article is Tea Party favorite Rand Paul, the Republican nominee for senator from Kentucky.

Harrop writes, "What damns Paul wasn't the flap over his views on the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Presumably Paul isn't a racist. He's just a privileged white guy - a doctor and son of 11-term congressman Ron Paul - who lacks feeling for America's tragic history of racism." Yeah, just a couple of privileged white guys who are really racists at heart. Keep it up Froma - let's see how things turn out in November.

Let's face it - the Express-News is a liberal rag and always has been. They're so fearful of being labeled as racists that they have keep liberal blacks and Hispanics on the payroll at the expense of whites and conservatives. However, that's not the main reason they're losing readership. They can't compete with computers and the electronic age. The printed newspapers are becoming extinct like the dinosaurs.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Obama Targets Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy

Top Military Brass Run For Cover On DADT - Thanks to the Clinton administration the military was saddled with their feminization and homosexual policies. The "Don't Ask Don't Tell" (DADT), implemented in 1993, allowed homosexuals to serve in the military as long as they kept their "alternative lifestyle" secret. If their homosexuality was revealed they were discharged. For the first time women were allowed to be thrown in with the men with the exception of serving in direct combat. Somehow these policies were supposed to improve the military. Unfortunately, they haven't.

While still on active duty Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf stated the following on homosexuals in the military: "In every case - Not most cases - In every case where homosexuality became known in the unit, it resulted in a breakdown in morale, cohesion, effectiveness - with resulting dissent, resentment, and even violence." Gen. Schwarzkopf knew what he was talking about. Luckily he wasn't fired for his comments.

Former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Gen. Peter Pace, the first Marine to hold the post, wasn't so lucky. Gen. Pace was fired for saying homosexual acts were immoral and for opposing the lifting of the DADT rule. So much for telling it like it is.

Not so with the current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael G. Mullen. Following Obama's State of the Union address where the CinC stated that he planned to repeal the DADT policy, Mullens jumped on the band wagon and said the the armed services should lift the ban because the military shouldn't force young men and women to lie about who they are. Mullen wasn't about to sink his politically correct ship by siding with his predecessor Gen. Pace. I guess if anyone was going to lie about the policy it would be Mullen. Even retired army general and former Secretary of State Colin Powell sided with Mullen.

The latest scuttlebutt in the feminization/homosexual movement is that women are going to be allowed on subs. That should make the men happy. Now they won't have to wait for shore leave anymore. That is unless the women don't like men. Then there's a problem. I'm sure Adm. Mullen and the Joint Chiefs will have all the answers. I wonder what the late Adm. Bull Halsey of WWII fame would have to say about all this if he were alive today? I think I know what Gen. Patton would say.

Republican Sen. John McCain isn't too happy about scrapping the DADT policy and said so in no uncertain terms. "There's over a thousand retired generals and admirals who have sent letters to us saying they do not want it repealed. The Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion also oppose ending the "don't ask don't tell" policy. "We have a policy that is working, and that has been my position throughout," McCain said.

Way to go Sen. McCain! Of course the Obama crowd, including Adm. Mullen and the PC Joint Chiefs, could give a rat's butt less about what McCain and retired generals and admirals have to say.

On Feb. 8, 2010, retired Navy Captain Lawrence R. Jefferies wrote a letter to Adm. Mullen taking him to task for advocating homosexuals openly serve in the military services. Jefferies enlisted in the Navy in 1948 and served for 31 years before retiring. It's a rather long letter so I will only quote a few comments made by Capt. Jefferies. "Like you, I encountered homosexuals throughout my Navy career and in civilian life. Unlike you, I do not find they are more deserving than non-homosexuals or that they constitute a viable or necessary body of troops for the defense of our country," Jefferies wrote.

Jefferies continues, "My experience is Naval. I can't speak for the Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps. Those services are generally based ashore with nearby civilian communities. In such communities, homosexuals may be able to find sexual gratification without interfering with military duties. But the best analogy to a ship at sea is a prison. There is no other outlet for sexual drives and I know of no prison in the united States that assigns males and females, or who intentionally assign known homosexuals, to the same cell. That is one of of the differences between your position and mine."

"During my enlisted service, Jefferies notes, homosexuals seemed to be a clumsy lot. They had a tendency to repeatedly fall headfirst down and engine room ladder. Some were even known to troop on deck and "fall" overboard. The crew had a way of policing themselves to eliminate homosexual advances. Perhaps you in your assumption that military personnel are more liberal today, but I would look very closely at prevalent attitudes before I closed the book on the issue."

Jefferies went on to say, "That sexual misconduct in the Navy exists to this day is obvious....... I recall that a lesbian ring was discovered on the USS NORTON SOUND back in the late 60's or early 70's. I also recall that one of the cruisers returning from the First Gulf War reported 40% of the female crew members were pregnant after a six-month deployment. Just recently I read that the Commanding Officer and Command Master Chief were relieved from an Atlantic Fleet destroyer because fraternization between several Chief Petty Officers and female members of the crew. Just the other day I heard news reports that a birth control pill previously reserved for use by women in combat had to be made available to all females in the military, clearly implying that intercourse was occurring in combat units and such conduct was known to unit commanders. Is there some reason you believe that homosexual activity would not also occur or is not occurring?"

The Jefferies letter made it clear that allowing homosexuals to serve openly or otherwise in the military was a bad idea that adversely affected the mission of the military.

Today there are 1.5 million active military and 1 million reserve personnel in the armed forces. Of that number over 14 percent are women. Thanks to DADT the number of homosexuals is unknown. According to the military over 7,000 homosexuals were discharged from the military during the period 1997 - 2007.

There's a place in the military for women to serve. Before the feminization of the military women performed administrative and medical duties. They had their own women officers and NCOs and billets separate from male personnel. Women who became pregnant were discharged. The system worked well and the military was a better organization compared to today's military. Homosexuals were banned from serving and immediately discharged when discovered. That's the way it should be today.

We don't need women acting like men, leading bayonet charges, throwing hand grenades, driving tanks, flying combat aircraft, serving on ships, with the exception of hospital ships, and performing duties best accomplished by men. Women who have small children should not be allowed in the military. Their job should be acting like a mother and raising their kids instead of putting on a uniform and shoving their kids off on relatives to raise.

The military tried to make a heroine out of PFC Jessica Lynch who, with two other women and 14 men in a military convoy, was ambushed in Iraq by the enemy. Initially the military reported that Lynch had fired her weapon until running out of ammunition, was wounded and captured with the rest of the personnel in the convoy. Lynch and the other two women never fired a shot. One women was killed and another wounded. Lynch was injured when the vehicle that she was in rolled over in a ditch. Only the men put up a fight.

The real hero was a young sergeant by the name of Donald R Walters, who fought the enemy with his rifle until he ran out of ammo before being killed. His body was found with two bayonet wounds in the abdomen. He had also been shot numerous times in the legs and back. A total of 11 members of the convoy were killed and the rest taken prisoner.

Walters was initially awarded the Bronze Star. After further investigation that revealed the true facts in the ambush and the battle that followed his Bronze Star was upgraded to the Silver Star.

Regardless of the outcry and opposition to allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military and allowing women to serve on submarines I suspect that in the end it will become policy. Rules of Engagement that are tying the hands of our troops in battle and causing increased casualties will continue. Rules that give a clear edge to the ruthless, cowardly enemy that our troops meet on the battlefield.

As much as I respect Gen. David Petreaus, who is a proven combat leader, he was wrong as hell when he told his troops to "fight fair." You fight to win! The mission of the military is to win wars not lose them. America didn't win WWII by fighting fair.

Generals and Admirals will continue to take the "politically correct" course of action more concerned with their careers than looking out for the troops. Those that do speak out will be quietly relieved and retired as was the case with Marine General Peter Pace former chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

The military will survive but it won't be as effective as it could be as a result of the "social experiments" and other ludicrous policies that have been forced on military commanders.

It's a wonder that the military is able to recruit young men to serve. It's a tribute to those who put on a uniform and go in harms way in defense of freedom. Especially when the question is raised as to who in the hell is looking out for the troops? It isn't the generals and admirals, or the Secretary of Defense and it sure as hell isn't the Commander In Chief.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Obama Crowd Throws Navy SEALS Under The Bus

Navy SEALS charged for roughing up terrorist - On September 3, 2009, a Navy SEAL team risked their lives in capturing a terrorist by the name of Ahmed Hashim Abed. Abed is believed to be responsible for the torture and murder of four Blackwater employees and hanging two of their mutilated and burned bodies from a bridge in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004.

Instead of being hailed as heroes and commended for their actions in capturing Abed, the Navy has charged three Navy SEALS for giving him a "fat lip." Wow! Can you imagine that? How terrible that a scumbag terrorist who tortures and murders Americans is roughed up by his captors. The sorry SOB is lucky they didn't shoot him. They deserve medals in my book.

The three Navy SEALs involved are Special Warfare Operators 2nd Class Matthew McCabe and Jonathan Keefe, and 1st Class Julio Huertas.

McCabe is charged with assault, dereliction of duty, and making a false official statement; Keefe is charged with dereliction of duty and making a false official statement; and Huertas is charged with dereliction of duty, making a false official statement and impeding an official investigation.

According to one Navy source the three Navy SEALs had turned Abed over to the Iraqi military and was returning to their base when they were ordered to go back an pickup him up for further interrogation. When they picked up Abed from the Iraqis they noticed that Abed had been roughed up and had a cut lip. It was the Iraqis who roughed up Abed not the Navy SEALs.

It was Abed who told Naval authorities that it was one of the Navy SEALs who assaulted him. No kidding. The Navy command took the word of one of the most-wanted terrorists in Iraq over their own men? What kind of morons do we have wearing Navy officers uniforms these days? What happened to the leadership principle of looking out for the welfare of your troops?

The U.S. Special Operations Command Central commander Army Maj. Gen. Charles Cleveland, preferred the charges against the SEALs and will serve as the convening authority as the cases proceed to a military court. Apparently the U.S. Army has the same kind of morons in command as the U.S. Navy.

Rather than accept a reprimand from Cleveland the SEALs, who said they did nothing wrong, demanded a military court. Cleveland was then forced to charge them. What a jerk.

If convicted they could be fined and demoted, sent to prison and receive bad conduct discharges. All for giving a scumbag terrorist a "fat lip." Can you imagine this happening when WWII combat generals and admirals like MacArthur, Patton, Bradley, Nimitz, Bull Halsey and others were running the war? They must be rolling over in their graves.

Once again we see general grade officers listening to a bunch of "politically correct" military lawyers instead of looking out for the troops. The late Col. Dave Hackworth called them "perfumed princes."

The incident actually started when a Navy Master-At-Arms Chief guarding Abed told a SEAL platoon commander that one of the SEALs had punched Abed in the stomach. The platoon commander reported the incident and it went up the chain of command with no questions asked.

Who in the hell was looking out for the troops these days? Hardly a week goes by that we don't hear about our troops being hauled before a military courtl for trumped up charges of mistreating prisoners. In most cases those charged are acquitted or the charges dropped.

In November, 2005, U.S. Marines came under attack by insurgents in Haditha, Iraq. During the firefight nine insurgents were killed and 15 civilians being used as shields were killed. Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani, USMC, was the ranking officer present during the attack and ensuing firefight. Another of countless successful firefights by U.S. Marines in the War on Terror in which Chessani was commended for a job well done by Maj. Gen. Huck, his commanding general.

Unfortunately, the anti-war politician Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., accused the Marines of being cold-blooded killers and government prosecutors charged Chessani and seven other Marines with criminal wrongdoing. Following a lengthy investigation in which no wrongdoing was discovered the criminal case was thrown out of military court.

Still looking for a "scapegoat" to appease the antiwar media and Murtha, the military then held a Board of Inquiry on Chessani where the burden of proof is lower. The ruling was that he was innocent of any misconduct and should not be demoted but should retire. Another good combat officer thrown under the bus by the anti-war, anti-military, anti-America crowd.

The anti-war, anti-military crowd is now looking for "scapegoats" in the Navy SEALs incident. At least this time instead of being stabbed in the back by Murtha and his gang they're getting some help from friendly lawmakers.

A letter circulated in the House from Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, said prosecuting the three SEALs "seems to us to be an overreaction by the command." Let's hope Maj. Gen. Cleveland and his superiors including CinC Obama are listening.

About 20 House members signed the letter to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, including House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio.

Hunter told reporters, "The Navy SEALs could have been slapped on the wrist for this - unfairly then, too. "But they said, 'We want to let the facts be known.' "Prosecuting them is "baloney."

Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., joined the fight and sent a letter to Gates, asking him for his personal attention in the case. Ensign said it appeared to him that highly skilled personnel have been removed from the war effort "due to a fat lip and some slanderous allegations by one of the most-wanted individuals in Iraq." Hunter and Ensign have it right. Let's see what Gates does.

Gates is a holdover from the Bush administration and has done a fair job as SecDef in the Obama administration. He could put a stop to all this PC crap and stupid Rules of Engagement ROEs and should although it would probably result in his being thrown under the bus.

In a recent article Jed Babbin, editor of Human Events and former deputy undersecretary of defense under President George H.W. Bush had a few choice comments concerning the charges against the three SEALs.

Babbin says military lawyers are far too involved in running this war and commanders are deferring to them far more than they should.

Babbin said, "Putting these SEALs through a court martial for an offnese that deserves --at worst a good chewing out and a sentence to do a few hundred pushups will send a devastating message through out all the special forces."

Babbin is right. It's now up to the military brass to put an end to these PC kangaroo courts and stupid ROEs that are getting our troops killed and wounded on the battlefield and say enough is enough. Gates needs to back them up.

Maybe CinC Obama and the Pelosi/Reid gang will get the message. Quit messing with our troops and let them do their job!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Major Hasan Strikes Blow for Muslim Terrorists

All Terrorists are Muslims - How many more Major Hasans are there in the US military waiting to strike? The attack that killed 14 and wounded another 42 at the largest military base in the nation was carried out by a Muslim terrorist in an army major's uniform.

Major Nidal Malik Hasan, 39, walked into the Soldier Readiness Center at Fort Hood at about 1:30 p.m. Thursday, November 5, 2009, armed with two pistols and several magazines of ammo. Without warning Hasan pulled his weapons and started firing at point blank range into a large crowd of soldiers who were processing for deployment. Within minutes Hasan shouting "Allah Akbar" had shot and killed over a dozen soldiers and wounded another forty-two. It was the worse killing spree on a military base in the history of the nation.

Thanks to the quick response by Sgt. Kimberly Munley and her partner Sgt. Mark Todd, members of the federal civilian security police, Hasan was shot and wounded before he could continue his murderous shooting rampage.

Officer Munley was the first officer on the scene and arrived within scant minutes of the shooting. Munley opened fire as Hasan turned his gun on her. Wounded twice by Hasan as they exchanged fire Munley was able to wound Hasan before she went down. As her partner Todd arrived seconds behind Munley Hasan fired two shots at Todd missing him before Todd returned fire and took him down. Hasan had been hit four times and was severely wounded in the exchange of gunfire. Munley was hit in the thigh but is expected to recover fully from her wounds.

A big question is raised as to why there was an absence of armed military personnel in the immediate area. Where were the military police? Why weren't there armed soldiers on guard duty? Why weren't there any military personnel with personal firearms in the area? Why was security left solely to contract civilian security police? The reason was because the military has adopted a "gun free zone" policy on all military installations. This policy was reiterated by the Fort Hood post commander Lt. Gen Robert Cone. "As a matter of practice we do not carry weapons. This is our home," he said. Really now. Fort Hood is a military post first and security should be a first and major priority mission carried out by military personnel not civilian security police.

We have far too many military officers of 4-star rank who are afflicted with a serious case of "political correct" syndrome. Advocates of gun free zones and don't say anything bad about Muslims.

Gun free zones have the practical effect of disarming everyone except the gunman as was the case at Fort Hood. Another example was the Virginia Tech shooting massacre that left 32 students dead at the hands of a lone gunman. Even the security force at Virginia Tech was unarmed.

Had there been a couple of armed military personnel on duty at the Soldier Readiness Center on November 5, Major Hasan might have been stopped before he fired a shot. It doesn't make much sense to have a gun free zone policy on a military installation where the vast majority of military personnel are trained in the use of firearms from handguns and rifles to machine guns.

At one time in the military security for military installations was carried out by military police ( army, navy, air force, etc.) and armed troops on guard around the base. Security wasn't left to civilians.

A major share of blame for the Fort Hood shootings can be assigned to the military for instituting such a ludicrous policy as a "gun free zone" on military installations, especially during a time that America is at war with terrorists around the world. Our military should be on a "war footing" and insure that military personnel have ready access to firearms and that proper security is taken to protect assembly areas where large numbers of troops are present. The Joint Chiefs and Secretary of Defense Bob Gates had better get their heads out of the sand before more troops become "sitting ducks" to another Muslim terrorist(s) like Major Hasan.

As evidenced by the Fort Hood massacre by a Muslim terrorist in an army uniform, America is being threatened as a result of the growing number of Muslims in the country and in the military.

As is the case with the actual number of illegal immigrants in the country, the number of Muslims is also unknown. The number has been estimated at 8 to 10 million and growing. The number of mosques is estimated at over 3,000 and growing. The FBI reported that 10 percent of these mosques teach jihad (death to infidels). Federal prosecutors recently took steps to seize 4 mosques suspected of being controlled by Iran. One of the mosques was in Houston.

According to recent military release in 2008, the Defense Department reported 3,409 Muslims on active duty in the U.S. military, but officials said the number could be at least three times higher. An army infantry division numbers around 12,000 troops about the number of Muslims that could be running around in a military uniform. This is not to say that all Muslims are terrorists or sympathetic to their cause, but all terrorists are Muslims.

As a result of the Fort Hood massacre the U.S. Military plans to investigate the growing number of Muslims in its ranks and the threat of Al Qaida influence.

U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey said, "We have to go back and look at ourselves and ask ourselves the hard questions. Are we doing the right thing? We will learn from this." Let's hope they learn the answer to the hard questions. Questions like just how many Muslims are there wearing U.S. military uniforms and how many are possible terrorists.

It was learned that when Major Hasan first enlisted in the U.S. Army he did not identify himself as a Muslim. One Defense Department official said, "We believe there are many more Muslims who when recruited did not list their religion. Some of these people simply wanted to avoid harassment; others might have had a sinister agenda." Major Hasan sure had a sinister agenda.

Pentagon officials admitted that they have received reports of Muslim soldiers expressing opposition to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. They said the opposition was encouraged by Islamic clerics as well as Muslim officers such as Hasan, who warned against harming other Muslims. Sure sounds like the Pentagon had prior warnings that Hasan was a terrorist waiting to strike. SecDef Gates has some explaining to do along with the Joint Chiefs. Chances are some lower ranking officer will fall on his sword.

In 2003, another terrorist in uniform was Army Sgt. Hasan Akbar (talk about a terrorist name) killed two officers and wounded 14 other soldiers in a grenade attack. Akbar was sentenced to death by a military court and is awaitng execution. A public firng squad or hanging would be appropriate for Sgt Akbar and Major Hasan and send the right message.

At least one U.S. Senator Joe Liberman, a Connecticut independent, thinks the Pentagon ignored warning signs that Hasan was a Muslim terrorist waiting to strike. Lieberman, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee said his committee would investigate the Hasan shooting.

"I am intending to begin a congressional investigation of my homeland security committee into what were the motives, what were the motives of Hasan in carrying out this brutal mass murder and to ask whether the army missed warning signs that should have led them to essentially discharge him. If Hasan was showing signs, saying that he had become an Islamist extremist, the U.S. Army has to have zero tolerance. He should have been gone," said Liberman. Way to go Sen. Liberman!

It's time for the Obama anti-America, anti-military, crowd and the Pelosi/Reid gang of traitors and losers in Congress to shape up or ship out. It's time that they realize that America is at war with Muslim terrorists whether overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan or here at home. It's not some kind of a political game to see who can be the biggest apologists for how rotten America is or how quick we can "cut and run" from the battlefields as we did in Korea and Vietnam.

A president who ignores the request of his top general in Afghanistan for combat reinforcements at a time when US troops are facing tough fighting and increased casualties and ignores the Muslim threat at home should be impeached.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Joe Wilson Stands Up For America

Lone Member of Congress Challenges Obama - Out of 534 members of Congress (not counting the late Sen. Kennedy) a lone voice, Rep. Joe Wilson, (R-SC), dared to challenge President Obama's litany of lies during a recent speech before a joint session of Congress. Obama said unauthorized immigrants (aka illegal aliens) would be ineligible for for federal subsidies to buy health insurance.

Joe Wilson, as well as every member of Congress, knew Obama was lying through his teeth. If Obama care is rammed down the throats of American taxpayers illegal immigrants will be receiving free health care. Wilson rose from his seat and shouted "You Lie." Joe Wilson was speaking for the American people and probably most of his Republican colleagues, who didn't have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and support him. No wonder the Republicans are a minority in the US Congress.

President Bush was booed by the Democrats several times during his congressional speeches. There was no outcry then or calls for an apology. I guess if several members boo the president at the same time it's accepted conduct and doesn't violate basic rules of decorum. Yet, if a lone member speaks out then it's an outburst that isn't condoned.

Wilson apologized to the president for his remark and said Obama had "graciously accepted my apology, and the issue is over." "I think it's clear to the American people that there are far more important issues facing this nation than what we're addressing right now," He said. Wilson refused to apologize to the House for his remark.

Obama said,"I'm a big believer that we all make mistakes. He apologized quickly and without equivocation. And I appreciate that. I do think that we have to get to the point that we have a conversation without assuming the worst in people."

Wilson's apology to Obama wasn't good enough for House Democrats. Many of whom had demonized President Bush and members of his cabinet and referred to Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney as "war criminals and liars."

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, and highest ranking black in Congress, threatened Wilson with an official House sanction unless he apologized to the House. "Either he can deal with it or the House can deal with it," Clyburn said. Can't let them nasty old Republicans get away with calling the "Messiah" a liar. The truth does hurt.

For the first time in the 233 year history of the nation a "Resolution of Disapproval" was rammed through the House by Democrats admonishing Wilson for speaking out during a presidential speech. The final vote 240-179. At least Texas Republicans voted against the resolution and every Texas Democrat voted for it. No surprise there . Don't mess with Texas Republicans. Too bad they didn't stand up when Wilson made the remark.

If any members of Congress should have been admonished it should have been Sen. Dick"Turban" Durbin for comparing US troops to Nazi SS troops; Sen John "Swift Boat" Kerry, for accusing US troops in Iraq of terrorizing women and children in the middle of the night; Rep. John "Porky Pig" Murtha for calling US Marines "cold blooded" killers and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for saying the War on Terror "was lost."

Wilson was correct in reminding the American people that there are far more important issues facing the nation than admonishing a member of Congress for challenging a lying president. Like the ongoing War on Terror downgraded to an "Overseas Contingency Operation" by the Obama administration. Obama has a "cut and run" policy underway in Iraq and is waffling on sending additional troops to Afghanistan where US casualties are increasing daily in the fight against enemy Taliban forces.

In the meantime US Attorney General Eric Holder is investigating CIA agents for "torturing" enemy prisoners. One can only ponder why Holder isn't going after the scumbag terrorists who tortured and beheaded Nicolas Burg, Daniel Pearl and American GIs.

In his latest act of appeasement Obama cancelled a Bush plan for an anti ballistic missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic. Just in time for the 70th anniversary of Russia's attack on Poland in WWII. Talk about stabbing an ally in the back. That must have had Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, a former Soviet KGB high ranking official, and his Russian thugs dancing in the streets of Moscow while drinking Vodka.

The dictator of Iran, President Amadinejad, surely hailed this as a big victory and an encouragement to pursue the development of intercontinental nuclear missiles with renewed vigor.

Amadinejad, Libya's Qaddafi, and the thug Robert Mugabe are scheduled to speak before the United Nations this week. I'm sure they will be hailed as heroes by the anti-America UN. Don't be surprised to hear that Obama had a secret meeting with this trio of skunks in the bowels of the White House during their UN visit.

With the war in Iraq and Afghanistan still raging; the American economic in shambles and employment nearing double digits Obama is racing from congressional speeches and TV appearances trying to convince the American people to endorse a socialist/communist style health care system.

The Democrat sponsored Town Hall meetings with huge crowds of Americans showing up and telling congressional Democrats, "We don't want socialized medicine," seems to have escaped Obama's attention.

Regardless, the big priority in the US Congress was to get that nasty, Joe Wilson for standing up for America.

Way to go Joe Wilson. Give them hell, Sir!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ted Kennedy Villain or Statesman

Last of the Kennedy Brothers - Joe, John, Robert and finally young brother Ted Kennedy passes from the scene dying from a brain tumor. Tragic lives. Joe, the oldest, a bomber pilot, killed in action in WWII. John F Kennedy, "PT-109," was a decorated hero in his own right in WWII and assassinated by a nutcase Lee Harvey Oswald while U.S. President in November, 1963. Robert Kennedy, shot and killed by Sirhan Sirhan, while campaigning for President in June, 1968.

Not much was known of Joseph Kennedy other than he was his father Joseph's early pick to be President some day. WWII ended that dream. John F., on the other hand, became the next in line to accomplish his father's wish for one of his sons to be President. Robert Kennedy took up the challenge following the tragic death of President Kennedy by an assassin's bullet.

We now know that John and Robert Kennedy were a couple of womanizers and high rollers. Joseph Kennedy Sr was a known bootlegger and fixer within the political network of good old boys. The Kennedy boys grew up rich and led the socialite life style - wine, women and song. Teddy boy fit right in.

They say you shouldn't kick someone when they're down or say bad things about them when they die. Maybe so for the general rule of being a nice guy. As an old combat soldier, I always put a couple of extra rounds into the bad guys that I shot to make sure they stayed down. I also cussed the poor bastards later. As General Patton said, "Make the other poor son-of-a-bitch die for his country." I always thought that made a lot of sense.

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, 1932-2009, was the third longest-serving member of the U.S. Senate behind Robert KKK Byrd (D-WV) and Strom Thurman (R-SC), serving 47 years before his death. He was first elected in November, 1962 and was elected nine times. He was one of the Senate's most liberal senators. And today's, mostly liberal, socialist, media have made him one of America's greatest ever "Statesman."

Edward M. Kennedy, most often referred to by his nickname "Teddy" (Rose Kennedy called her fourth son Teddy after her grandfather Edward who she also called Teddy) was no statesman. He was a spoiled rich kid who never worked a day in a private-sector job. As I said to a friend, the only two good deeds Kennedy ever did for his country was 1. Die and 2. Serve briefly in the U.S. Army (even then, with the help of his father, he avoided the Korean War by serving in Europe and only served half of his enlistment before being discharged as a PFC).

He was expelled twice at Harvard for cheating. While going to law school in Virginia he was cited for reckless driving four times. He was a known drunkard. Despite his reckless actions on and off campus, he managed to pass the bar exam in 1959.

In 1964 he was seriously injured in a plane crash and hospitalized for several months. Hospital tests showed that he was highly intoxicated (drunk) at the time of the accident.

Kennedy's biggest scandal occurred on July 19, 1968, during a drinking party on Chappaquiddick Island in Massachusetts. Shortly after 11:00 pm he offered to give Mary Jo Kopechne, a campaign worker, a ride home. Both had been heavily drinking at the time. Kopechne climbed in the back seat and laid down. A short time later, with Kennedy behind the wheel and Kopechne asleep in the back seat of the Oldsmobile limousine, the car careened off the bridge of the road and turned over into Poucha Pond.

Kennedy managed to escape from the overturned, submerged car and swim to shore. He then walked back to the party leaving Kopechne trapped in the back seat of the car. Instead of reporting the incident to the police, Kennedy went back to his hotel and went to sleep. He called the police the following morning. By then the police had discovered the Oldsmobile in the Poucha Pond. Kopechne had scratched at the upholstery on the floor of the overturned car trying to get out. Authorities believe there was an air pocket above her head and she probably survived for a period of time before drowning. Had Kennedy summoned help, they may have been able to save Kopechne.

Kennedy pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident and was given a suspended sentence of two months. So much for justice. Had it been anyone else without the political connections of the Kennedy's, they would have been behind bars for a long time. Statesman - not in my book.

In his nearly fifty years in the U.S. Senate Kennedy did much damage to the nation with his socialist driven legislative agenda. He played a major part in allowing millions of illegal immigrants to cross our unsecured borders. He was a strong advocate of granting amnesty to all illegals. He was an outspoken advocate of more and more gun control - a staunch anti-Second Amendment politician who favored banning the private ownership of firearms in America. He supported Flag burning, same-sex marriage, homosexuals in the military, Global Warming (now referred to as climate change) and opposed the War on Terror. He was in favor of every social crackpot scheme dreamed up by the Democrats including socialized medicine.

He was well known for endless and degrading grilling of Republican Supreme Court nominees. His scathing remarks directed against Robert Bork, Reagen's USC nominee, became known as the infamous "Borking" of a nominee. Kennedy had the audacity to grill nominees on "what was right." What a jerk.

He was a well known drunk and womanizer around the Washington DC area. A real loud mouthed, foul minded individual who had a reputation for practically molesting women on restaurant and night club tables and booths while in a drunken stupor.

Well, there you have it. Judge for yourselves - Villain (skunk) or Statesman?

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Liberty Tree - Time To Refresh

The Tree of Liberty - Over 200 years ago Thomas Jefferson warned: "The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." Jefferson's warning has been making the rounds as the American people are finally realizing that an avowed socialist/Muslim has occupied the White House. The Obama/Pelosi/Reid "Hammer and Sickle" gang has taken over the country.

As far as the OPR H&S gang is concerned Jefferson and the rest of the Founding Fathers were just a bunch of mostly nasty, mean, old white guys and slave owners. It's time to build a new America they say. Modeled after socialism a more Marxist state. Whether we like or not that's where we're headed.

In 1878, Senator Benjamin Hill said, "I do not dread industrial corporations as instruments of power to destroy this country. But there is one corporation we may all dread: that corporation is the federal government. If this ambitious, ever-growing corporation become oppressive, who shall check it. If it become unjust, who shall trust it. Watch and guard with sleepless dread that corporation which can make all property and the rights of all states and people, all liberty and hope, its playthings in an hour, its victims forever." Senator Hill must have had a crystal ball to see so far into the future. To predict, with such accuracy, what is happening in America in the year 2009. Scary.

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of men like Ronald Reagen and other stalwart conservatives, America has been drifting towards socialism. Organizations, like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), American Communist Union would be a better name, have been relentless in attacking the values that made America great. Removing God, bible and prayer from our public schools was one of their biggest victories. Many of our freedoms are being swept away like dry leaves in the wind.

Just take a look what Obama has done, with the help of the Pelosi/Reid gang of socialists and traitors, in the first 100 days of his presidency. He has bankrupt the nation with his stimulus scam; nationalized a big part of the automobile industry; taken over the banking and financial institutions; pushed a Cap and Trade tax scam through the House and is doing his damnest to cram socialized medicine down the throats of Americans. Anyone opposed to Obama Care is being branded as un-American. The White House is calling for the names of these un-American types to be reported to the administration. Big Brother is watching us.

The Republicans have been pushed into a corner and found themselves in a pitiful minority in the House and especially in the Senate with the Democrats holding a 60 seat majority. The Republicans only have themselves to blame. Many deserted their conservative values and went along to get along. The Cap and Trade bill would not have passed the House had eight Republicans not voted for its passage. The Republicans are starting to fight back but no real leader has yet to surface. There has to a leader out there somewhere. Time is running out.

In the meantime the Republicans are going to have to rid themselves of the RINOs Republicans in name only. Sen. Arlan Spector, ex-presidential candidate, left on his own and good riddance. The rest like Collins and Snowe and the eight turncoats in the House need to be given the boot.

The one good thing about the Obama health care scam is that it has finally aroused Americans to take a hard look at what's going on in their government. And as the old saying goes, "We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore." Of all of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid socialist schemes this one has them on the defensive for a change. If Americans can't see what's happening to their country they may just as well turn in their guns, run up the white flag and kiss America goodbye. Relegated to the dustbin of history.

"Revolution" is in the air - you hear it more and more these days. Popular radio and TV talk show host Glenn Beck in his new book "Common Sense" calls for a peaceful, non-violent "Revolution." We may well have a revolution but I'm not so sure it will be as peaceful or non-violent as Beck and others suggest.

The vast majority of those showing up at the infamous "Town Hall" meetings are middle-aged to senior "White" citizens, many of whom are life long Democrats. They are not happy campers and congressional Democrats are running for cover like a bunch of sewer rats. They can't take the heat.

As a nearly 74-year-old white guy, honky, gringo, etc., I've always been upset with the way whites have been shoved aside by minorities. The "get even" mentality is obvious to most whites when they see a Hispanic or Black Chamber of Commerce, African American Week, American Indian Week, Asia-American Week, Black Miss America, and on and on. Yet, if anyone dared to suggest a White American Week or a white anything there would be hell to pay. Scared to death of being called a racist most whites have remained silent.

The socialist goals of the Obama administration have been a wake up call for Americans, a call to action and white Americans are going to lead the charge according to a patriotic black man by the name of James David Manning, PhD, author of the Oblation Hour.

Here's a part of what Manning had to say about Obama who he calls "Mack Daddy:" "There's going to be a revolution, Patrick Henry style, in America where red blooded, God fearing, Jesus loving Americans are going to stand up and say "we're not going to take it anymore." There's going to be riots in the streets. Worse than the riots in South Los Angeles after they acquitted the cops who beat up Rodney King. Black people riots - you haven't seen anything yet. White folks are tired of the long legged Mack Daddy kicking them in the face every time he gets up and lies to them.

You get these white folks all riled up - the members of the NRA are going to come into black neighborhoods. White people are being pushed around, kicked to the curb, having their rights denied, being called racists. Being walked on, watching their tax dollars go to fund all kinds of drug sales, prostitution, illegal immigration. Pushing white folks where they are not going to take it anymore.

He (Obama) is destroying the fabric and fiber of the nation. You're going to see an uprising in the nation. White folks are ready to riot and I don't blame them. White folks are forming right now - I hope they let me join them.

Everybody knows the man (Obama) is an illegal alien. The man is not a citizen of the United States. They need to get this long legged Mack Daddy, this two tongued liar, this quasi Muslim, socialist, communist, Marxist freak called Barack Hussein Obama out of the White House."

Wow - Tough talk James Manning. Way to go! It has finally taken a proud, God fearing, patriotic black American to tell it like it is. Let's hope the Obama White House and congressional Democrats and their cohorts in the liberal, socialist, anti-America, anti-military media get the message. White folks are rising up!